Plant Pathology

Identification of novel plant diseases now and then made scientists upgrade their thinking capabilities to find a possible cure or management of these diseases through new research techniques. Hence, making these studies, crucial for food safety and security while minimizing health-related risks. CCRI – Sakrand, The plant pathology section is unabatingly analyzing these issues and working on the development of suitable control measures. According to surveys conducted by this section at CCRI, Sakrand, it was observed that varietal responses were truly different for various diseases such as seedling rot, boll rot and cotton leaf curl virus disease. A significant increase was observed in seedling rot and boll rot disease compared to last year during the general survey of the institute’s experimental farm, which ranged from 1.0-11.4 % for seedling rot and 1.0-22.5 % for boll rot. Whereas the intensity of the cotton leaf curl virus disease was increased as compared to last year, it ranged from 0.5 – 40.12 %. 

The material developed by plant breeding section was screened by grafting technique; all 09 strains were found susceptible to CLCuV. Screening of advanced breeding material under field conditions, results showed that incidence of seedling rot, boll rot and CLCuV diseases were observed in all tested strains.

In the sowing date trail, the maximum CLCuD incidence was recorded from all genotypes planted on 1st April followed by 15th April 2019. The minimum disease was recorded on 15th May 2019 planted crops as compared to other planting dates.