Studies were carried out on the different agronomic aspects of cotton to discover the highest yield potential of promising cotton varieties by using modern production technology of cotton under different agro-ecological conditions of Sindh. Suitable crop management practices are the basis of crop production in any eco-environmental conditions. These aspects are the main components for cotton cultivation under extreme threat of high temperature, shortage of irrigation water, diseases and insect pest over past several years. Agronomy Section developed latest technologies which have been implemented by cotton growers of Sindh to obtain maximum production. The section carried out studies on sowing dates, plant population, plant to plant spacing, dose of fertilizers and number of irrigations of advanced strains of the Institute. The results revealed that sowing of 15th April and 150 kg Nha-1 produced better yield. 

Research studies also showed that spacing of 9-12 inches between plant to plant and 2.5 feet row to row and 8 irrigations with interval at 15 days produced more number of bolls and yield. Integrated Weed Management studies revealed that combination of chemical control and inter-culturing performed better than other weed control measures.